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2017-02-24 - WEX Card

The Michigan Electrical Employees' Health Plan has implemented a new Health Reimbursement Card through WEX.  Every member should have received your new cards in the mail by now.  If you haven't received your card yet, you should call TIC to have them send you out a new one.  (517) 321-7502.

There's a new special fund website that you can access at: https://tici.lh1ondemand.com/Login.aspx  You'll need to create an account using your First Name, Last Name, and Social Security Number.  On this site, you can track all of your transactions, file claims, upload receipts, and check your balance.  This site also contains Special Fund Payment Request Forms just like the ones prior to Wage Works.  On this site, you can also order replacement cards if necessary.  

If you notice your balance is incorrect from the Wage Works transition, please call TIC (517) 321-7502 or contact the Hall.  You should still be able to log into your Wage Works account to print out your account history to compare the two balances.  

If you have any questions about this card, please call Christine at the Hall or email.